Even lost in the darkness, my heart will find you

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Anonymous asked: Are you excited for dangerous creatures book? I am!!!!!

Yes of course! Not long to go now :)

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Anonymous asked: Wat page in beautiful creatures doess ethan and lena say they love each otherr?

I am pretty sure the first time they say it is on page 498 (penguin UK edition. Someone please correct me if I am wrong though) :)

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a-cuquitablancoscrazyfanofpll asked: Would you like another book about Lena and Ethan's future, like they getting married and having children(i suppose they can because of the beautiful redemption they can touch each other)

Yes sometimes, I do wonder what Lena and Ethan’s children will be like! But I was wholly satisfied with the ending of the series, and in some ways would like it to be left undecided for the reader :)

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shaveyourdamnlegs asked: how hard did you cry after Beautiful Chaos because that ending emotionally destroyed me

so hard. I think my heart literally stopped beating whilst reading the last 2 pages.

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There were no suprises in Gatlin County. We were pretty much the epicenter of the middle of nowhere. At least, that’s what I thought

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“Look. Theres something going on here. The dreams, the song, the smell, and now the locket. It’s like we’re supposed to be friends

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alicubisuperiris asked: Gosh so happy i finally found someone who loves beautiful creatures to! :D

hahaa, you most certainly are not the only one :)

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notbroken-justbent904 asked: Do you know if there's going to be a sequel to Beautiful Creatures yet?

No I don’t, i haven’t heard anything about a second movie being made :( but we can hope!

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There was someone in the road!… it was a girl.. green eyes, black hair. Lena Duchannes. I couldnt breathe.. when i touched her, electricity ran through my body. Lightening struck the tree not ten feet from where we were standing, splitting the trunk nearly in half.

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